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Welcome to Our Blog!

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Welcome to the Uneeda Bolt and Screw blog page! Whether you’re a customer, potential customer, vendor, or simply conducting research, this blog spot will have useful information for you. Stay tuned for cutting edge industry information, technical information articles, fun facts, or trending topics.

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How to Count Screws: Weigh Counting

One of the most common questions we are asked is how we count such large quantities of fasteners and how accurate we are.

The answer is simple: Fasteners have always been weight counted.

Decades ago, fasteners were weighed using manual balance ratio scales. One piece in a sample tray was equivalent to 100 or 1000 pieces in a fill tray. Although fairly accurate, it took time for the scale to balance out and settle. If the sample used had an anomaly in weight that would affect the count as well.

An old manual balance ratio scale.

Today, all products at Uneeda are counted on GSE German Engineered and American Made Electronic scales that measure to 1/10000 of a pound. These scales allow the use of multiple pieces as a sample to create a much more accurate count. The scales are so sensitive that fans cannot be used in the warehouse as they significantly affect the weight count!

A new GSE scale that we currently use at Uneeda.

We confirm all of our scales’ accuracy each morning and have them professionally calibrated as needed. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified distributor, we also have the scales certified and calibrated at least once annually.

We invite you to come visit our facility and bring any item you would like counted, be it our material, another supplier or any unrelated material. This service is offered to everyone free of charge. Feel free to contact us at any time to set up an appointment.

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Pricing Factors: Nickel

Pricing Factors: Nickel

To keep everyone in the loop with what we are seeing in the market recently, we wanted to offer an update on two factors we are keeping a close eye on. We have been going back and forth with factories overseas for the past few weeks as we see prices are increasing a bit.

Specifically, the price of Nickel has increased about 50% since January 2019 and many of the mills that make the wire for screws have been rejecting orders for wire. If the price of Nickel continues to climb, they will be able to charge more for the raw material. This will especially affect 18/8 stainless steel parts, which have a relatively high Nickel content. China Steel of Taiwan, which has a closed-market for Taiwanese steel wire, confirmed that they expect to keep prices for steel wire stable for Q4 2019.

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Uneeda Bolt and Screw: More than Just Bolts and Screws

Uneeda Bolt and Screw: More than Just Bolts and Screws

Uneeda Bolt is often associated with nuts, bolts, and screws (we wonder why…). Customers often don’t realize that we do much more. We work along-side our customers to create solutions to their issues. Sometimes, this means creating custom parts or selling them items we wouldn’t usually handle. We like to think this is what sets us apart from our competition.

While we provide countless customers with specialty and custom parts, we also stock items that most people wouldn’t think to call us for:

Cable Ties: we are a distributor for ACT cable ties. These are by far the best cable ties (also referred to as zip ties) in the industry. They are made right in Connecticut, USA.

Wire Nuts: also from ACT, we have access to an extensive line-up of wire nuts.

Castings & Stampings

Plastic Injection Parts

Rivets: We carry a wide variety of blind rivets. We also provide rivet tools and services. We are a POP-Certified repair shop.

Fittings: Uneeda can provide a broader variety of fittings than you can find in a big box store.

Drill Bits: Need drill bits? We have you covered. Uneeda is a USA drill bit distributor, including Drill America brand quality bits.

Taps & Dies: We don’t just sell products with threads on them, we can also sell you the tools to make your own threads!

For more information on any of our products or line-ups, click here for the “products” section of our website or contact us!

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