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At Uneeda Bolt & Screw, we provide services to manufacturers and resellers that make delivery of your product the best it can be.

We create custom kits, bags, and boxes for manufacturers and redistributors. We will package your items, and if needed, add custom labels, instruction sheets, and barcodes. While our competitors run 6-8 weeks on packaging, Uneeda can have your order ready within 24-48 hours, provided the material is in stock. View our Automated Bagging & Boxing FAQs.

Private Labeling
Uneeda gives you the option to create custom labels with only your company name, telephone number, part number, etc.

POP Brand Rivet Tool Repair
POP brand rivet and tool master distributor. Factory trained in tool repair, usually repairing tools within 24 hours while stocking a full line of rivets and parts. If any tool is not fixed within 24 hours, we do provide free loaner tools when needed.

Auto Feed Fastening Systems
We are an authorized distributor for DTI (Design Tool Inc.) specializing in auto feed fastening systems for high production, both hand held and fixture units specifically engineered for your needs.

There are a number of payment/shipping options Uneeda offers. Please contact customer service for details

Import & Distribution
We can directly import the best quality products to give you the most competitive prices with the best lead times.

Vendor Managed Inventory
VMI allows our customer to take advantage of trouble free just in time inventory. ICE (Inventory Control Environment), is the method Uneeda uses to customize a stocking management program to satisfy customer needs.

Custom Product Development
We help customers develop for not only fasteners, but any other particular needs, such as stampings, castings, etc.

Technical Support
Uneeda's staff possesses a combined knowledge of over 100 years fastener experience. We welcome customers to take advantage of our expertise.

Uneeda Bolt & Screw Co., Inc.® offers free, local delivery with our company truck (over 250 lbs.). We also have daily UPS service, carrier pick up, and our convenient location welcomes customer pick up.