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Rivets - Bulk Ordering and Packaging

Uneeda Bolt & Screw stocks rivets in bulk quantities in our warehouse that are ready for shipment. For specialty parts or rivets that are not listed, contact us and we will find it for you.

Consists of a tubular stainless steel body with a mandrel, or retention piece, through its center. Multi-piece rivet assemblies, capable of being installed from one side of the work piece.

A rivet with a hollow end whose hole depth does not exceed 112% of the rivet body diameter. It requires less insertion force and allows longer rivets to be used without buckling of the rivet shank. The ability to easily curl the rivet is one of the biggest advantages of using semi-tubular rivets. Comes in steel, aluminum, stainless, and copper.

Most widely used mechanical fastener in construction and manufacturing assembly. Joins different materials of differing thicknesses. Provides a tamper-resistant permanent joint.