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Product Line

Uneeda Bolt & Screw Co., Inc.® stocks a complete line of fasteners and fittings to meet your needs. We can locate a wide variety of fasteners. If you are looking for a fastener not listed, please Contact Us. 

Screws - machine screws, self-tapping screws (sheet metal screws), particle board screws, wood screws, dowel screws, drywall screws, socket screws, thumb screws, type U drive screws 

Bolts - grade 2 bolts, grade 5 bolts, grade B bolts, stainless bolts, hex top bolts, hex cap screws bolts, carriage bolts, hex lag bolts 

Nuts - square MS nuts, regular screwnuts, hex MS nuts, finished hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, hex jam nuts, k-lock nuts, nylon insert lock nuts, reversible lock nuts, hex flange nuts, stamped nuts, forged wing nuts, closed end cap nuts, open end cap nuts, knurled battery nuts, knurled thumb nuts, propeller tee nuts, pronged tee nuts, coupling nuts, jack nuts 

Washers - flat-SAE-USS-fender-machine screw washers, split washers, external washers, internal washers, cup washers, internal-external washers 

Window Fasteners - jamb adjustors, internal screws, cast and stamped screen corners 

Anchors - lag shield anchors, double exp shield anchors, single exp shield anchors, hollow wall anchors, nail drive anchors, e-z ancor, plastic toggle anchors, conical anchors with or without fins, wedge anchors, sleeve anchors 

Pins - clevis pins, dowel pins, bridge pins, roll or spring pins, cotter pins 


Fittings - brass pipe fittings, air brake reusable fittings, hose barb fittings, compression fittings, needle valve fittings, captive sleeve fittings, drain and shut-off fittings 

Furniture Hardware - custom steel stamped corner brackets, custom hinges and draw slides 

Lighting and Electrical Fasteners - plate screws (oval machine screws), lighting crossbars, canopies and Ideal Brand quick disconnects 

Bits, Taps and Dies - jobber drill bits, carbide bits, taps, dies