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Uneeda Bolt & Screw Co., Inc.® supplies clevis pins, dowel pins, bridge pins, roll (spring) pins, and cotter pins. We stock bulk quantities of pins in our warehouse that are ready for shipment. If you are looking for a pin not listed, contact us and we'll find it for you.

Come threaded or unthreaded. Unthreaded have a domed head at one end and a cross-hole at the other end. Threaded have a partially threaded shank on one end and a formed head on the other. The formed head has a lip, which acts as a stop when threading the pin into the shackle, and a flattened tab with a cross-hole allowing for easy pin installation.

Hardened and precisely shaped dowel pins used to keep machine components in accurate alignment. Used as location guides for adjacent machine parts and to keep the two sections of a punch and die in alignment.

Commonly used to secure the ends of round shafts such as axles and clevis pins. Easy to remove and are re-usable.

Hollow, cylindrical tube-style press fit fasteners with chamfered ends. Used as locking devices, positioning points, anti-chafing surfaces, shafts, or sleeves for wiring.

A split cotter inserted through holes in two or more pieces and bent at the ends to fasten the pieces together. Used to keep the clevis pin in place.

Solid press fit fasteners have three parallel grooves and are commonly used as locking devices, pivots, levers, or locating elements.

Steel rods with one end having a slightly larger diameter than the other used in mechanical engineering. Some have a male screw thread on the small end that holds the pin in place with a washer and a nut. Others are threaded on both ends, on the thick end to pull the pin out with the same nut that holds the pin in place.