Risk Management Through Uneeda

With all the recent turmoil in global markets, many risks in your supply chain have likely become apparent. There are risks associated with any supply chain, but a solid partner should work with you to help you understand and mitigate these risks before they become an issue. We at Uneeda understand that the hardware we provide is likely not your most expensive or time-consuming component of your product, but if there is an issue It can shut down your entire operation. For this reason, we make painstaking efforts to reduce risk at all levels of our (and by extension, your) supply chain.

Starting at the source, we multi-source every item to ensure we have options if in the rare event there is an issue with a particular factory. Uneeda has multiple sources so that you do not have to. Uneeda has been importing since the 1970s and has thoroughly vetted all of our factories. We only purchase from ISO:9001 certified sources that produce high quality parts. Furthermore, we demand clarity and complete communication throughout the order process to best manage every order.  Not just any factory can supply Uneeda.  It is an exclusive club.

On this note, we switched the bulk of our overseas production to Taiwan decades ago to ensure consistent quality parts and open and clear communication.  We instill in our Factories the notion of partnership and our partners know they are expected to pass along market updates as to what they are seeing so we can help you best prepare for future conditions. We are constantly looking to qualify new sources, across various countries to lessen any possible political risk as well.

Once an order is placed, we expedite individual parts monthly with our factories and require reporting of all items; where they are in production, and when they are expected to ship out. This level of granularity gives us the ability to forecast arrival dates accurately and stay on top of potential issues before they arise.  This proactive behavior allows us to handle potential issues in production with little to no impact on our customers.  

We have three NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Owning Common Carriers) that we shop rates on every 15 days to ensure we are getting the best possible ocean freight rates, allowing us to ensure we are not overspending on ocean freight, and keep your prices as low as possible. We buy in large quantities and we always import material in full containers, further improving the efficacy of ocean freight and keeping costs at bay. When a single order does not fill a container, we consolidate with other orders to save as much as possible on freight costs. We are in daily communication with our carriers and require market updates as soon as they are available, which we pass along to our customers when applicable.

When your items are supplied by Uneeda you can be sure that your supply chain is protected. Our responsibility as your hardware supplier is to keep you in the loop on what we are seeing at every level. We have numerous safeguards working cohesively at every stage of production to be sure you get the right parts, on time and without surprises.

If you would like to discuss what Uneeda can do for you or have any questions please reach out to us at Sales@uneedabolt.com or call 1-800-535-2800.

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