Edward Brickman : Founder

The youngest of 4 boys born to immigrant parents, Ed Brickman is the founder of Uneeda Bolt and Screw Co.  Born May, 1925 in New York City, Ed developed a strong work ethic early on. He dropped out of school in the 9th grade to support his mother, working as a dental technician when he was just 16. Ed served his country in World War II stationed in the Philippines.  Upon his return from the Philippines, Ed married his long time sweetheart and love of his life, Alice Klein.  Together in 1954, Ed and Alice created the business of Uneeda Bolt and Screw Company, selling naval surplus to distributors from a sub-basement  in New York City.  They based the company on 2 simple principles; hard work and the golden rule; treat others the way you want to be treated!

Eli M. Brickman : President and Owner

Eli grew up in the business, spending many of his weekends and breaks from school packing orders and helping in any way he could. He developed an incredible passion for the family business. In 1985, after earning his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Eli officially joined the sales team. From there, he worked his way up the ladder under the supervision and teachings of Larry Klein and his father Ed Brickman, becoming president 1996.

Utilizing his experience, vast knowledge, and expertise, along with the guiding principle of treating customers and employees the way he would like to be treated, Eli takes a personal interest in every member of the Uneeda family.

In his free time, Eli enjoys spending time with family, fostering dogs, and has a love for both teaching and learning Martial Arts.


After 65 years of business, the third generation comes aboard.

Rob Brickman: Sales and Marketing Manager

Rob graduated Cum Laude from Lehigh University in 2017 with a Degree in Finance and Real Estate. After working at a Financial Services firm in New York for two years, Rob started full time in 2019 to head the Sales and Customer Outreach team. His main responsibilities include development of new business and cultivation of existing accounts to help Uneeda keep our finger on the pulse of where our customers are at.

Eric Brickman: Operations Manager

Eric graduated from Quinnipiac University with honors and Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Eric has worked at Uneeda since 2013 during winter and summer breaks in the warehouse and office, ultimately joining the Uneeda team full-time in early September 2019. Eric oversees our day to day operations and ensures that all processes run smoothly and efficiently.

In his free time, Eric enjoys working on cars and vintage jetskis, along with riding dirt bikes and offroading. He also has a knack for welding and fabricating.


Dina: Director of Sales and Purchasing

Dina began her career in the fastener industry at Uneeda Bolt in 2010. Ever since, she has worked to build a tremendous rapport with customers, giving them her undivided attention, and implementing a get it done attitude. Dina wears many hats at Uneeda, and has knack for forecasting clients’ future needs. Her knowledge and positive personality make her an intricate part of the team.


Samantha: Customer Relations Representative

Samantha has been in the fastener industry since 2014, where she began and continues her career at Uneeda Bolt and Screw. As a member of our Inside Sales/Customer Service team, Samantha works persistently to exceed customers expectations by utilizing her attention to detail and unparalleled level of customer service. Samantha has become an important member of the Uneeda family, playing a pivotal role in the operations of Uneeda’s customer service department.


Barbara: Controller

Barbara grew up in New Jersey and began her career in accounting before moving to Little Rock, Arkansas. There, Barbara and her husband owned and operated a medical and safety supply business. In 2009, after 25 years in Little Rock, Barbara found herself back in New Jersey and very much at home as the Controller for Uneeda Bolt & Screw. Barbara serves as Office Manager, HR, oversees all accounting functions and is also an integral part of every facet of the business.

Karen: Administrative Support Staff

In 2004 Karen began working at Uneeda Bolt as a data entry clerk.  Throughout her time here, she has efficiently mastered the art of order entry, quotation formatting, and assisting with accounting processes. She is also Uneeda’s secondary receptionist.  Karen is an invaluable asset to the company and is a team player.

Ana: Overseas Purchasing Manager

Ana began working for Uneeda Bolt and Screw in 1995.  When she first started with Uneeda, she worked in the packaging department in our warehouse facility. Ana, being a loyal and dedicated employee who was eager to learn, found herself rising through the ranks. She was promoted to an office position managing the Overseas Purchasing department, and has unrivaled knowledge of fasteners from her years of handling product in the warehouse.



Ricky: Warehouse Manager

Ricky began his career as a general warehouse worker, back in 1996. Through the years of working in the warehouse, Ricky learned all aspects of the business and the day to day warehouse operations. He is currently the warehouse manager here, and manages a team of dedicated workers.

Jacquez: Warehouse

Jacquez has been working at Uneeda since 1989. Since starting here, he has worked in all aspects of the company, including picking orders, preparing shipments and helping out in the packaging department when he is needed. Jack is our veteran warehouse employee, and often assists the warehouse manager in general warehouse operations.

Sacramento: Warehouse

Sacramento began working at Uneeda Bolt in July of 2016. He does all aspects of the warehouse jobs including filling orders, preparing shipments, and assisting in the packaging department as needed. Although he has not been with Uneeda for too long, he made his value immediately apparent: not accepting anything less than perfection.

Marcelino: Warehouse

Marcelino has been working at Uneeda since 1996. He started out working in the packaging department and is currently a forklift operator who picks and prepares orders.

Hector: Warehouse

Hector started working for Uneeda Bolt in 1999. His primary responsibilities include Overseas and Domestic receiving, and Quality Control.

Honorato: Warehouse

Honorato began working for Uneeda Bolt in 2012. He started out as a general warehouse worker, pulling orders, loading trucks, packing skids, and wherever help was needed. Currently, Honorato supervises the packaging department.

Humberto: Driver

Humberto has been working at Uneeda since early in 2002, where he began his career as our truck driver. Humberto has navigated the truck route, making sure that all of our customers' material arrives on time, intact, and most importantly, safely.