Cutting Tools, Drills Bits, and Driver Bits

It’s no secret that we provide nuts, bolts, and screws, rivets, washers, stampings, etc. However, most customers don’t realize that we also provide a full line up of bits and cutting tools to install the fasteners we provide.

Uneeda Bolt and Screw is a proud master distributor of Drill America Cutting Tools, Drill Bits, and Driver Bits!

Drill America is a manufacturer of high quality, USA made tools and bits (as well as a high-quality import line, your choice!). We have been providing Drill America bits for decades and trust that they are the solution for practically all of our customers cutting, drilling, or driving needs.

This truly makes Uneeda Bolt and Screw the “one-stop-shop” for all of your fastener related items. Why buy your screws and bits from two different companies? Buy them all under one roof, with support under one roof, while consulting our fastener experts with hundreds of years of collective fastener experience. It’s a win-win!

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